SFB Parking Lot Funding: Rnd 2

April 6, 2008

Just a quick update on what happened tonight with the Saint Francis Borgia parking lot funding request.

As you may or may not know, the City entered into a contract with SFB to pay for maintenance and partial reconstruction of the lot. The City has kicked in about $16,000 for the gravel foundation. SFB has committed about $178.000 to the project. They will continue to own the lot, with a lease plan for the City. There is no doubt that the City will benefit from additional parking spaces that will be created.

Councilmen Witt and Mohesky suggested, in the administration meeting last week, that the City fund 50% of the requested amount of $24,000. After the Church agree to extend the lease to the City, for 15 years, I felt like we should go ahead and fund the 50%.

Some on the Council moved to fund the full amount. This, I never agreed to, and in my conversation with representatives from the Church, I made this point clear, late last week.

The issue failed to gain support by council on a 3 against (myself included) and 4 for vote. My vote was NOT to bypass funding, but limit to 50/50 the position of the City.

As is so often the case, the issue was clouded because of where the funding would come from. I will re-consider additional funding, when it becomes clearer how the funds will be obtained.

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