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PLEASE VOTE. Your vote is anonymous. No record is kept of the voter. (Also, there are several comments at the bottom of the page. Feel free to add a comment.) See Charter Government Video.

Several residents have asked how I feel about Charter Government. The issue is complex. Ultimately, it comes down to “can an increase in government be justified?”

I think, by and large, it does warrant consideration. I spoke with my friend who is married to a famous political figure in St. Charles, Mo. They have had Charter for about 15 years. This is a person I trust implicitly. He tells me that from his perspective, Home Rule has been worth it.

I think this form of government will be more responsive and sensitive to our specific needs. Representative Scott Dieckhaus has told me he is for it and sufficiently satisfied many of the concerns I have with Home Rule.

Guy Midkiff

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  1. the document does not contain any provisions about term limits. I am also concerned about how the document addresses salaries. It also those in power to take care of themselves. At one of the open meetings, a citizen proposed a salary commission to estblish and administer salaries. That seemed to address a concern of many at the meeting, however it is not in the final document. They held many public meetings, but I am not sure they listened

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