False “Profits” of Safety


During my recent testimony in Jefferson City, Missouri, I tried to draw attention to the many resources that proponents of red light cameras often cite. These organizations prefer to use names such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety along with their side kick, ” The Campaign to Stop Read Light Running.”

Take a peek at the so called members of The Insurance Institute. Go to the members link and you will see well over 80 different insurance companies that stand to and do benefit handsomely from red light cameras.

Click on over to the Sponsors page of the so called “stop red light running” website and check out who is behind this charade – no less than 5 red light camera firms: Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS), Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., GATSO USA, Inc., Lasercraft, Inc., CMA Consulting Services. Once again, all industry insiders that stand to profit from the added tax of red light camera tickets.

And while you are on this last site, take a look at who is the contact point for the “Red Light Running Campaign,” it is none other than Blakey & Agnew – a prestigious Washington, D.C. p.r. firm.

What really bakes my chicken is how they describe themselves as: “independent, nonprofit, scientific, nonpartisan coalition.” Of course they make no mention of how much money they stand to make from red light cameras. What they do do is continually overstate the value of red light cameras and understate the real value of intersection counter measures such as longer yellow lights and intersection markings. These things cost next to nothing. A why do they overlook the obvious? $$$$

(Click here for more data on sham red light camera organizations.)

And now, coming to an intersection near you, Missouri has jumped on the band wagon with our own messianic red light camera site: MOSAFERROADS.COM. And just for kicks, I sent the following emailing to mosaferroads.com and just asked them if any of the red light camera organizations were behind this new website. I am sure the reader will find this shocking, but I have yet to get a response.

Feb 26 (4 days ago)



I am interested in your organization, but when I did a “who is” search, there was no contact data for the site owner.

Can you please let me know if any red light camera company – such as ATS, has had any input or made any contributions to MOSAFERROADS.COM?

Sincerely yours,
Guy Midkiff

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