Stimulus or PORK!

Something to keep in mind: Jobs are what is left when the work is over. At best, these represent work, not jobs.

Some highlights of the “stimulus” package according to USA Today and WSJ:

$544 billion in new spending

$125 billion for public education including $20 billion for school renovations and $79 billion to avoid education related layoffs

$87 billion for Medicaid

$30 billion goes to road projects

$27 billion to continue unemployment insurance benefits

$20 billion for food stamps

$20 billion to digitize medical records

$8 billion for renewable energies

$7 billion for modernizing federal buildings

$6 billion for mass transit

$5 billion for for the construction and repair of public housing

$4 billion for community activist programs such as ACORN

$2 billion for child care subsidies

$650 million for coupons for digital TV conversions

$400 million for global warming research

$335 million for STD prevention

$50 million for National Endowment of the Arts

* Republicans pushed the Democrats into dropping money for family planning and restoration of the National Mall

* the WSJ estimates that just 12% of the package could be considered a growth stimulus

$275 billion in new tax cuts

$145 billion: Tax cuts for 95% of working Americans, $500 for individuals, $1000 for couples and small business for 2 years

$23 billion: $1000 per child tax credit

$20 billion for company equipment write offs

$16 billion in “green” tax credits

$10 billion: $2500 credit for college

$6.9 billion for homeowner tax credits

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