SB 6 Modifying Mayors Voting Power

SB 6 –
Griesheimer – Modifies when a city mayor shall vote on ordinances, resolutions, and motions before the city’s governing body. Currently, the city mayor presides over the city council, but only votes in case of a tie. Under this act, the mayor would vote: 1) when the vote of the council has resulted in a tie, 2) when one-half of the council elected have voted in favor of an ordinance, resolution, or motion even though there is no tie vote, or 3) when a vote greater than a majority of the council is required.

While I have not had an opportunity to speak with Senator Griesheimer, on the surface it would appear that this bill will not serve the best interest of the citizen. I will do more homework on this bill, but it would appear to tip the balance of power dramatically favoring a city mayor. Mayors already have considerable power, being able to appoint members to committees, city administrative jobs, and appointments to vacated city council seats.

Making life easy for mayors is not always in the best interest of the democratic process.

UPDATE: I have been informed by the Washington City Attorney that the St. Clair City Attorney had asked Senator Griesheimer to propose a law that would expand a Mayors authority because St Clair’s city council (consisting of only 4 members) had a difficult time getting enough councilmen to show up and vote on ordinances. This is why the new law is being offered.

I find it baffling that such a far reaching bill would be suggested simply because one city is having a difficulty passing laws. St. Clair should consider adding more members to their council instead of asking for a law that would change the entire dynamic of the local Missouri political system

Guy Midkiff

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