Improved “Yield” on HW 100


The above picture shows the intersection of 100 and Jefferson/A, looking due north. The scalloped lines at the top right of the frame, show the new “Yield” re-engineering that will give the driver much better options.

If you drive Highway 100 and A, get ready for some relief on what to do with the “right-on-red” dilemma. Since the Red Light Revenue Cameras went up (at $97 a pop), many law-abiding citizens have found themselves confused as to what actually constituted a “yield” by the driver. This confusion has resulted in considerable traffic congestion during peak flows and was, frankly, unsafe.

Our City Engineers, along with MoDot engineers, have redesigned the right turn dilemmas with rational lane markings that will allow the driver to exercise their good sense and progress right-on-red with an increase in safety margin. (Hats off to MoDot and our City Engineers for responding to and correcting this problem.)

“They” have even deactivated the portion of the Red Light Revenue Camera that photographs right-on-reds. Beware, the remainder of the Cameras are fully functional and will fine you for exceeding any of the pre-programed parameters for intersection infractions.

I have also asked that MoDot increase the yellow light sequence to 5.2 seconds, from the current 3.9 seconds (point of contention: MoDot claims the timing is 4.0 seconds). It has been proven through numerous, unbiased studies, that 5.2 seconds at a 45 MPH intersection saves lives and property. (Please search this blog for related stories.)

All in all, we are finally moving in the right direction, regarding Red Light Revenue Cameras. I personally would like to see them put where their flash would never shine again. I will, however, accept the cameras with 5.2 seconds on yellow and revenues directed to safety related projects.

Guy Midkiff

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  1. I recently got flashed and HAD to run a red light at the 100/A intersection. The yellow light was only 2 seconds long I tried breaking but I knew I would have had to slam my breaks on to no avail already going 45 when I was already at the intersection when the lights suddenly turned.. I have noticed that at differnet intervals the time changes and I have video proof of this. I have it timed at 2 seconds 3 seconds and the 3.9 seconds. I will be fighting the ticket I so happily recieved (NOT) That intersection is unsafe to any motorist.. I have never in my life run a red light before. my driving record is perfect with 0 tickets and no pull overs. I am outraged that they would use the cameras for profit and not safety. at 5.2 seconds I would have had time safely gone through instead of panicing of getting hit. and 5.2 seconds If i was far enough back I could have definately stopped.

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