New Red Light Camera Legislation, Ohio


In a step in the right direction, Ohio just passed legislation that will add some much needed sanity in the Red Light Camera farce. The state now will require municipalities to post clearly marked signs within 300 ft of the city boundary, warning of bounty hunter, red light ticket cameras.

And anyone that has read one post of my blog knows, it is an abomination that we don’t add at least 1 second to the yellow on each of our Red Light Ticket Cameras. Apparently Ohio is listening. Part of their new law requires…youv’e got it, 1 second to be added to each of their intersections.

Fact: Short yellow lights hurt and even kill our citizens.

Click here to read full story.

And in the category of putting your money where your mouth is, I wished the legislators would have gone another step – sending this ill gotten booty to safety related state and local programs. Those of us, wise to the RLTC scheme knows these cameras are meant for one thing and one thing only – general fund revenue.

Guy Midkiff

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  1. I do not believe this

  2. You certainly have a right to believe the world is flat, if you prefer. The following is the full text of the article:

    Red Light legislation becomes law

    By Matt Sanctis

    Staff Writer

    Saturday, June 14, 2008

    Springfield, Ohio — Legislation signed into law this week will mean cities that use red light cameras, including Springfield, will need to use signs to inform drivers that the cameras are in use.

    Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland signed Ohio House Bill 30 into law Thursday, June 12. It will become law after 90 days.

    The legislation, crafted by State Rep. Ross McGregor, R-Springfield, requires signs to be placed on state highways near the limits of cities that use the cameras. The signs must be placed on the roads within six months of the law’s effective date.

    In Springfield, the cameras are used at about 10 intersections.

    Springfield Assistant City Manager Jim Bodenmiller said city officials are already prepared and will soon begin working to make sure Springfield complies with the law.

    The only question, he said, is that city officials are not yet sure what the signs will be required to look like.

    “We probably won’t design and signage until we get some design recommendations from the state,” he said.

    He estimated the city will use about a dozen signs, with a potential cost of between $2,000 to $3,000 to the city.

    The signs must be placed within the first 300 feet of the city boundary or as close to that distance as possible.

    In addition, the law will require that the timing of yellow lights be extended by one second at intersections where the cameras are in use.

    Contact this reporter at (937) 328-0355 or

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