Red Light Camera Stats can and do get fudged.

Friday, June 06, 2008
Arizona: Sheriff Caught Fudging Photo Radar Stats
Pinal County photo radar vanA pair of photo radar vans have been mailing automated citations to vehicle owners in Pinal County, Arizona since August 8, 2007. In just four months, 4500 citations were issued generating significant revenue, especially on the Hunt Highway. In December, a Sheriff’s office press release made the astonishing claim that accidents had fallen on this heavily traveled two-lane route by 53 percent (Does this all sound too familiar? GWM) as a result of the enforcement effort. “It’s very effective,” Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Corporal Paul Compton said at the time. “It’s slowing people down and ultimately saving lives.” The East Valley Tribune newspaper reported that this claim turned out to be false. Instead of being down 53 percent, accidents increased 16 percent during the period speed cameras were used, as compared to the same period in 2006 without cameras. The Sheriff’s office had issued its statement based on preliminary data that failed to account for 55 crashes that were not immediately entered into the accident database. So far in 2008, accidents are slightly down from 2007, but the number of injury crashes has not changed.
Source: Hunt Highway crash figures double those reported (East Valley Tribune (AZ), 6/2/2008)Can

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  1. For objective synopses of the comprehensive Red-Light Camera studies and revelations about how the data is often biased, go to

    I particularly recommend the following articles on that site:

    * Red-Light Cameras: The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertain
    * The Placebo Effect and Red-Light Cameras
    * RLCs: Engineering vs. Enforcement
    * Biasing RLC Studies

    And, under the TLA BLOG menu:

    * Excellent 2004 TX Study to Understand Red-Light Running
    * RLCs Do Not Guaranty Reduced Accident Rates
    * Compelling 2007 Compendium on Photo-Radar and RLCs

    Will these articles change your perception? Let us know.

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