• State Trooper “X”

Guy W. Midkiff

Yesterday I met State Trooper “X.” State Trooper X’s name will remain anonymous. What I want to say to him (as I know he is reading) is thanks. Thanks for constantly putting your butt on the line for our safety. Thanks for putting up with all the bull that faces you; from a broken judicial system, to mountains of paper work.

Each time Trooper X makes a stop, it could end up in tragedy. Each time Trooper X is called out, he may very well not come home to his young family. What ever we pay them it “aint” [sic] enough.

You and I may have a gentlemans disagreement about the efficacy of Red Light Cameras, but you and the rest of law enforcement will always have my unfettered and unwaivering support. I simply can not put into words the respect I have for LEO’s.

BTW, Trooper X, I have made good on toning down my blog – hopefully you have already noted all the changes. 🙂

Be safe, friend.
Guy W. Midkiff

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