• Ameren Selling Customer Info to City Of Washington

Guy W. Midkiff


On 08-06-2007, the City of Washington passed ordinance no. 07-10277, introduced by Councilman Tim Brinker. To quote:

An ordinance to enter into an agreement with Ameren UE for notification to the city by Ameren UE Company when there is a successor of existing utility service, in The City of Washington, Franklin County, Missouri.

The ordinance goes on to pay Ameren UE $200 (Not clear if this is per month or one time) for the customer information, of course paid with our tax dollars.

Here is an email exchange with a representative from Ameren:

My name is Guy Midkiff and I live in Washington, Missouri. Can you please tell me whether or not Ameren UE is providing or selling their customer data base to the City of Washington, Missouri.
From: SGallagher@ameren.com
Subject: RE: Selling Customer Data Base
Date: March 23, 2008 11:02:32 AM EDT

We don’t share our customer names to my knowledges with any outside party. Can you explain?

Bottom Line: Your personal information is being sold, by Ameren UE, to the City of Washington, so as to police their occupancy inspections. You had no say-so in the matter, nor what measures The City of Washington is taking to protect your personal and private information.

This is a continuation of this administrations big government and intrusive big-city-ways, slowly disregarding the rights of its individual citizens. Remember, it is only for your safety.

•Occupancy Inspections
•Red Light Cameras
•Ticket Quotas
•Video Cameras at Intersections
•Accessing Your Private Information

Call Ameren and the City of Washington. Tell them to stop using your personal information.

Ameren UE: Mrs. Galagher (314) 554-2175
City of Washington: Mayor 390-1000

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