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Street Talk is a page regarding my experiences while walking the streets of Ward III and some of the conversations that I have with residents.

Have now spent 5 days meeting people in my Ward. So far, I am being told that I am the first Ward 3 Candidate to go door to door. It has been fun getting to know people in my Ward and daunting at the same time. I think I know how a salesman must feel doing “cold-calls.”

I have been bit by one dog, so far, and have only had one door actually closed in my face – not bad for about 100 homes. Talking to “my folks” gives me immense hope for Washington and the Country. Don’t know what it is about people that wave the U.S. Flag on the front yard, but they always want to hear me and they VOTE!

Some of the issues I am hearing are: Cars that speed through neighborhoods, Red Light Cameras, Taxes, street and roads, and Taxes (I get it.)

Even though Chief Hahn says he has met more people for Red Light Cameras than against, I can only surmise that they don’t live in Ward 3. I have met one person that was for RLC’s, but changed her mind once I explained to her how the scam works.

I met with a group of seniors, this morning at Mc Donald’s, and there primary concern was how they were going to keep up with escalating taxes and the onslaught of the new water/sewer rates. I saw genuine fear in several of their eyes that only reinforced my feeling that we most take care of those on fixed incomes and new families. Many were considering leaving Washington and moving to a community that was cheaper. This is a major problem and I will dedicate much of my effort trying to resolve the issue.

Today I spoke with about 30 residents in my Ward. I did not speak with a single family that was for Red Light Cameras, and some used some rather colorful language to describe them. I made it clear that if someone could convince me they saved lives, then I would be for them. Until then, I am not.

I spoke with 4 firemen and once again pledged my full support to the volunteer firemen, city employees, and police department.

Without exception, all residents were very skeptical of the 225% increase in city total revenue, over the last 5 years. Streets were a big concern and thought the basics should be taken care of first. Several people brought up $36K light poles, and I assured them that my voice would be heard loud and clear opposing such wasteful expenditures of tax dollars.

One gentlemen pointed out there was no posted speed limit on Marquart Drive and wants to see the limit set at 20 mph because of the large number of children in the neighborhood. To date, the city has refused to comply with his request for a safe speed in Autumn Leaf Estates.

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