• Washington Womens Republican CLub: Speech

Washington Womens Republican Club
Candidate Speech
by Guy W. Midkiff

1. Guy Midkiff, Running for City Council, Ward 3, I hope to spend the next five minutes convincing you why a vote for me is a vote for the future of Washington.

2. Let me begin by extending a warm thanks to Annette Johnson and the Washington Federated Republican Woman for making this Luncheon possible. This is a much-appreciated Forum and is a fantastic opportunity for my fellow candidates and I to present ourselves to the voter.

3. My goal is to contrast myself against my opponent and impress upon you my resolve and leadership ability to take Washington into the future.

4. I found out there are two kinds of people opposed to paying taxes: Men and Women.

5. My Campaign slogan is “TIME FOR A CHANGE.” My Core belief comes from the ideas of: Less Government, Less Regulation, and Less Taxes. America must be reminded of what our Founding Fathers knew as an absolute: The more government we have the less freedom we have.

6. Washington is at a crossroad. The frustration I hear, when speaking with people in my Ward tells me they have had enough and that they are hurting. Families are being foreclosed out of their homes at rates not seen in decades as their American Dream Fades. To make matters worse, our economy is teetering o n the edge of a full-blown recession. And whether it be $36K Vanity Light Poles, $6 million dollars airport expansions or questionable real-estate purchases by the our school system, the time has come for us all to say enough is enough.

7. Let’s put this unchecked expansion into the proper context: Population growth in the last 7 years 6%. The City budget, in same time period, has grown 100% from $18M to $49M. The Gross Revenues taken in by the City has grown 200% , from $18M to an estimated $60M in 2008.

8. Ask yourselves: • Has the benefits to you, as taxpaying owner-operators of Washington, justified this historic grow in budgets and tax revenue? • Would you run your household finances the way Washington has conducted theirs? As homeowners, we know what happens when we over extend ourselves – buying a Mercedes when a Ford will do just fine, Taking a trip to Hawaii when a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks would be vastly more pratical.

9. Let me make this pledge today: My boss will always be my CONSTITUENTS. You will be my boss and I will answer only to you.

10. I have the experience necessary to do the job by virtue of my education in economics or my previous position in elected local government or my business ownership experience. I am intimately familiar with how a government operates and I have a proven tracking record not only managing budgets but also insuring every penny is squeezed from the taxpayers dollars.

11. Here is a simple method of reducing government spending – Reduce the money we send them. Stop feeding the beast so much of what they are addicted to – taxes. Put the tax beast on a diet and see what magical efficiencies appear from supposed “Cut to the bone” budgets.

12. Quals:
• Have been and am a business owner.
• I rose to the rank of Major in the Marine Corps and was also a Marine Pilot and oversaw multimillion-dollar budgets.
• Elected City Council, Roosevelt Island.
• I have been an advocate for WWII veterans.
• I have been a mentor for troubled youths

On Volunteerism and Community Envolvement:
• My boy attends SFB where we are active volunteers in various fund raisers such as trivia night, fund raising committees and I take enormous satisfaction in being able to offer free photography services each year as a class photographer for fundraising for SFB.

• My girl goes to Washington West where my wife and I are weekly classroom volunteers and I am on the Traffic Committee.

• So you can see, ladies and gentlemen, my wife and set the example for our children by deeds and actions.

13. I will not be hesitate to ask tough questions. With my business background, I will be able to analyze complex issues and not depend on others to show me how to vote on issues. I will not hesitate to question why $36K is being spent of vanity Light Poles, Why $6M was spent on an airport expansion that apparently doesn’t even come close to justifying the cost. Another example, Can we justify Camp Street Bridge. Why was a recent $420K windfall from telecom litigations not rebate back to the rightful owners – you the taxpayer? Instead that money went into the City’s coffers.

I will support: Infrastructure investments: The Police and Fire Departments and quality of life investments.

Thank you for your time and hope to see you on April 8th, at the poles.


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