• My “Agenda”

Guy Midkiff

Yesterday I spoke at the Republican Woman’s Club, here in Washington, Mo. It was my first real opportunity for the public to hear what I stand for and the passion that I have for our Democracy.

All three contested Wards had the challenging candidates at the luncheon and gave speeches. Unfortunately two Wards (1&2) had their incumbent candidates last minute no-show.

Carolyn Witt, Ward 4, unchallenged in her Ward, did make an appearance. I thought Mrs. Witt displayed extraordinary class and leadership making an appearance she certainly did not have to attend. In the matter of fact, she stole the show from the candidates as she fielded questions regarding the new automatic traffic cameras. Most citizens were quite confused at some of the particulars of how the cameras operate.

Also a no-show was the local news paper – we missed you!

If you would care to read the outline form of my speech, I have uploaded it just below this post.

Now, why did I entitle this post, “My Agenda?” Apparently the talking points given to my opponent, who has never met me, feels that I may have and agenda, an ax to grind, to be exact, or that I am even “mad.”

I shamelessly admit it, I do have an agenda, I have an ax to grind and I am mad (well, not crazy mad, just Irish mad.) I am mad about the growth of our city government, I am mad about the amount of taxes the city is raking in and I am mad as heck at how much money they are spending and what appears to be difficulty demonstrating fiscal restraint.

I have an ax to grind, too. It’s a tax ax, to be precise and I want to grind it down until it stops cutting the citizens of Washington.

My agenda? Less taxes, less government, less regulation. It’s just that simple.

Sincerely yours,
Guy W. Midkiff


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