• Camp Street Bridge?

Does Camp Street Bridge Makes Sense?
Guy W. Midkiff
Saturday, January 26, 2008

Washington, Missouri: Does the Camp Street justify the cost (about $1million tax payer dollars) of its resurrection? When one looks at a Map of Camp Street, it is clear that there are some problems with the project:

  • It appears to be a “Bridge to No Where.” It will not provide conduit traffic flows North and South, to make traffic arteries. You will not be able to go in a straight line from 5th Street to Highway 100.
  • It will increase, substantially, traffic on local neighborhood streets, increasing the possibility of children being hit by speeding cars and stress on local neighborhoods.
  • As the project stands now, it does not pass my litmus test of, “Is it good for Washington?”
  • “Safety.” This logically can not be the default answer for every project the city decides to pursue. And safety, as the final arbiter, works both ways. There is a very real and increased chance that additional traffic through residential areas, will result in a child being injured by a car that would have otherwise taken a different route.

Guy W. Midkiff

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  1. Some say that having the bridge in place is a safety feature that will allow expedited ambulance, police, and fire responses. From looking at the google map, included in the above, there is a certain amount of truth to this theory.

    This is a slippery-slope logic. We can literally justify every expenditure, without limit, when safety is used as the qualifier.

    Autumn Leaf Estates has approximately 100 homes in the subdivision, and yet it has one entry, one exit. Using ultimate safety logic, we should have exit and entries in 4 separate directions, and while we are at it, we should have our own hospital, defibrillator on each street and our own fire and police forces.

    Is a million dollar bridge worth 30 seconds? I can’t answer that, but we should certainly have public discussions on the matter. And what happens if the extra traffic through neighborhoods result in a child be injured by a car? There is no absolute answer.

  2. Some things, I agree with you, but this is not one of them. I live outside the city, so my opinion doesn’t mean anything, but I do believe that the Camp Street bridge should be build. It will link that souther area to the rest of the town. It will provide quicker response time of emergency vehicles and I suspect that the main users will be only local area residents. It will save them save and miles when they want to come into the 5th Street area. I can,t see many none residents using it other than the occasional sightseer. I will be willing to bet that once build the people on both sides of the creek will like it. That of course, is just my opinion.

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