• Taxes, the Opiate of Government

Our Government: Federal, State, and Local, has an addiction. That addiction is the Opiate of Government – Taxes. Government has become addicted to money and it is your money that they have become addicted to.

But if Government consists of Americans that we elect into these offices, then who do we ultimately blame for a Tax addicted Government? Ourselves. The more we put our hands out for Government handouts, the more they give us just what we want. The more we want, they more they give.

Many of us feel “entitled” to college educations, health care, and a whole host of endless entitlements. We have a bunch of names for it: progressive, liberal, entitlements, populism, government aide, income redistribution, etc. But let’s not mince words, it is socialism and it is pandering for votes. Government takes in money and (very inefficiently) determines how that money is re-distributed – who gets your money. Quite often, it is done in a manner that guarantees the most votes to the politician.

And one day….. these income re-distribution schemes will collapse under their own weight. It is not a matter of if, but when. These enormous governmental flames will one day suck the air from our lungs and we will collapse.

The only way to stop this madness is for each of us to get involved in our communities. Elect representatives that will be fiscally responsible with your hard earned money that is sent them in the form of taxes. No longer except mediocrity in your government. Make them run your Government the way American Corporations run – with a constant eye on expenses and new efficiencies. Government is supposed to work for you. Let’s get back to what made us strong: Less taxes, less regulation, less Government.

God Bless America,
Guy Midkiff
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