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Published on February 8, 2008 at 10:33 am  Comments (6)  

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  1. Mr Midkiff,
    Thank you for taking time to talk to me on the phone about the WalMart gate. I urge you to please keep the gate closed. When WalMart first asked for approval of the plat the city council only approved it with the contingency that a gate be built to keep the commercial traffic out of our small neighborhood. Nothing has changed since WalMart has been built except now Highway 100 is much improved with the 2 lanes. At that time I submitted to city council a petition with over a hundred names to keep the gate closed. I am confident that today we could easily come up with that many names or more if need be to keep the gate closed.
    I know that if you took a city wide vote the gate would most likey come down, because it doesn’t affect their neighborhood. I hope the city council would see past that and try to keep the integrity of the small neighborhoods intact, keeping our town a great community. People say that streets are made to be driven on, but I feel this much traffic through a small neighborhood is excessive. Traffic studies showed that nearly a quater of a million cars would use Karen Lane. My parents built a house on Karen Lane over 45 years ago, and I followed suit and built my house on Karen Lane over 25 years ago. I was shocked that WalMart was going to be my neighbor, but thanks to the city council, and WalMart a large berm was built to shield the neighborhood. It is better then I thought it would be, but if the number one, 24 hour retailer in the country is allowed to use Karen Lane as an entrance then it was all a waste.
    Now is the ideal time to explore the possibility of using International as a means of access to the WalMart development.
    Thanks again for your time.
    Please keep me informed of any information on this issue.
    Kirk Kuchem
    1302 Karen Lane

  2. Guy Midkiff,

    They told me you’re in politics, “good onya” as the Australians say.


  3. For 2 months now there has been an empty flatbed
    commercial trail the full length of the driveway
    parked at a VACANT condo across the street from us.
    It makes the neighbor lood look trashy. I can’t
    believe it can be permissable to do so. I see other commercial trailers perked in non residential
    areas, and think this one should be also!!!!!
    Can you help us out??? Thanks much

  4. Guy,
    I know you’re against the Red light camera’s. But how about the other camera’s on every stoplight. Would you get rid of those too?

    • how about the other camera‚Äôs on every stoplight

      I didn’t know there were camera’s on every stoplight.

  5. Councilman, I am doing a research project for the NMA and your past comments about RLCS and insurance premiums. My cell is 847-420-3511, thank you.

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